1. How does SoundEye work?

To detect possible emergency situations inside the house, SoundEye’s primary alert activation method is through detection of abnormal sounds - your loved ones' screams or cries. Should a person FAINT, no worries - SoundEye detects the prolonged period of montionless inside the house when it is in emergency monitoring mode. To detect abnormal sounds and motions, SoundEye employs advanced sound event classification technology and long-range passive infrared motion sensor respectively.


2. Is SoundEye difficult to set up?

Setting up SoundEye is as easy as 1-2-3. Just download the SoundEye mobile app, set SoundEye on a flat surface or wall, plug it in, connect it to the internet, and you are ready to go.


3. Do I need an Internet connection to use SoundEye?

Yes, you will need a stable Internet connection to allow SoundEye to transmit data and alert to your mobile phone.


4. Where should I place SoundEye?

You may place SoundEye anywhere inside the house - living room, kitchen, washroom, bedroom and store room. SoundEye can be mounted on the wall or simply just placed on a surface. The only thing you might want to consider is the motion sensor and camera viewing angle.


5. Is SoundEye a standalone device?

Yes. All features (including the features to emergency monitoring and home security) are contained within the SoundEye.


6. Is there a minimum Internet connection speed required to use SoundEye?

While some SoundEye features may work with slower network upload speeds, SoundEye requires a network upload speed of at least one megabit per second (1 Mbps) for an optimal experience.


7. Does SoundEye record video?

No. The current version of SoundEye does not record video.


8. Does SoundEye rotate, pan and tilt?

Yes. You may manually rotate, pan, or tilt the device facing the direction as you deem fit.


9. Does SoundEye have an audible alarm or siren? When/how is it activated?

SoundEye is packed with an audio amplifier that can produce loud siren/alarm sound on site that you can activate remotely from the SoundEye mobile app.


10. Does SoundEye operate using battery?

SoundEye does not use any battery and it is powered by a power cable (5V/2A). We would like to create something that you only need to install once and get done with it – absolutely no maintenance!


11. Can you add multiple users to one SoundEye?

Yes. Use the SoundEye mobile app to add multiple members to a SoundEye sensor. SoundEye was designed to keep everyone connected to accommodate to different needs.


12. Can I use more than one SoundEye in a house?

Yes, you may add as many SoundEye into a house at different locations as required. For a bigger house area, you may place it in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and store room. Practically anywhere to monitor your loved one's safety.