It all started when...

we visited a senior who is living alone, and she recalled her near-death incident where she had a fall in the washroom and waited three days before she was rescued.

To survive for three days, she drank water from the toilet bowl. We believe that such incidence should never happen again - to anyone.

Since June 2013, a team consisting of the researcher, software engineer, electrical engineer and industrial designer from the Agency of Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) dedicated their effort to find a solution.

Over the past few years of research and development, SoundEye received various awards around the Asia region.


SoundEye received investment from NUS Enterprise in the year 2016 and incubated by ASTART Central. In early 2019, Toyo Kanetsu invested in SoundEye. These allow SoundEye to expand to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries in Asia. SoundEye also a social enterprise since 2017. So far, we have contributed our effort to create a social impact on nursing homes to assist caregivers in providing care and support to older adults. If you have any idea how to use SoundEye solution to create more social impact, contact us now!